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March 24, 2012
Albertville Historical Twin Houses
Albertville, AL

Lincoln, AL


Albertville, AL


National Guard Soldier and Lowe's Home Improvement Employee


Albertville, AL


National Guard Soldier and Walmart Employee


Christopher's Parents

Robert and Georgia Ray

April's Parents

Mary Pat and Bill Brooks

Christopher Ray and April Holderfield

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Here's how we met

Bride: Chris was living in Pennsylvania for school and decided to move closer to home and drilled with April's National Guard Unit to see about an Interstate Transfer and become a part of the Alabama National Guard instead of the Pennsylvania National Guard. The date was April 5th, 2011. Chris originally was supposed to drill in Fort Payne with the 1343rd Chemical Company when his brother got sent to Gadsden and the NCO sent Chris with his brother to Gadsden. It just happened to be a one time fluke drill before continuing to drill at Fort Payne every drill after that. On April 5th, he happened to be grading April's PT test the first drill he had with the Alabama Guard. At the end of the drill weekend Chris thought he'd never see her again until he found her on Facebook and they started talking ever since then, and have been falling in love more and more every day.

Here's how we got engaged

Groom: I had a Platinum Claddaugh Irish engagment ring picked out and ordered. It had a 2.5 karrat hearts of fire diamond. When the ring arrived, the stone had fallen out. I took the ring in to a jeweler to get fixed; turns out the jewler stole the ring or lost it, and I paid $3,000 out of pocket for it. I found an alternative, I took her to a park at Guntersville Lake not far from Top of the River and proposed to her with the gorgeous setting sun as a backdrop. After I proposed, I took her and let her pick out her own ring. We planned on making a big ceremony wedding day, so we settled on a heart-shaped diamond ring and used the leftover money to pay for the wedding.

Why we're excited about our wedding date

March 24th just seemed right. We originally set July 4th, 2012 as the date, but that soon changed because everything was booked on that date. So we moved it forward and decided on March 24th, 2012. It was to be worked around military trainings and work, so we decided on this date.

Our worst date

Groom: Back in November, April and I had a couple weeks of fighting, but that was us moving out of the fantasy in love phase and stepping into the reality phase. We had our quarrels and still managed to pull through and move forward. The fight made us stronger as a couple and as a family. It gave our relationship roots.

Our best date

Groom: I believe our best date was when I proposed to her at Guntersville Lake and we had dinner at Top of the River and then went to a movie. I don't remember the movie too well, but I know it was a good movie.

Who's the better cook, and why?

Groom: We both are pretty good cooks, but she's better at cooking than I am. I'm good at grilling and deep-frying, she's good with the stove and oven, so we're kind of even and balance each other out.

Where our likes overlap ...

Groom: We both like reading thriller novels and vampire novels. We like the same movies and music and TV shows. Some I've never seen until I met her and they are very good might I add. We love watching NCIS, Chopped, Cake Boss, Ghost Hunters, Face Off and Ghost Adventures. We also enjoy the movies The Sorcerer's Apprentice, different war movies, the Twilight Saga, and various chick flicks and comedies.

... and where they don't.

Groom: She doesn't like how I get sidetracked easily. She doesn't like that I love hot and spicy food and she doesn't - when I cook some nights that she works, she notices that mine isn't as good as hers, or when we are sleeping and I sweat at night. Little things here and there she doesn't like. The thing I don't like is that she constantly changes her mind. We both agree on how a clean house should look but movies, books, and tv show-wise she can't stand the show COPS and I love the show, she likes different reality shows like Teen Mom, etc... and I can't stand them. I love horror fiction books and she doesn't. The only movie I know of she doesn't like that I do is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.