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Wedding Info

April 27, 2012
The Botanical Gardens
Birmingham, AL

Gadsden, AL


Gadsden, AL




Gadsden, AL


Birmingham, AL


Licensed Cosmetologist


Samuel's Parents

Bart and Susan Watts

Kami Lynn's Parents

Keith and Jerie Lynn Hathcock

Samuel Watts and Kami Lynn Hathcock

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Here's how we met

Bride: We first met each other when we were 11 years old. We were both homeschooled. I remember seeing Sam for the first time at year book pictures. He was wearing a yellow shirt and a pair of goofy glasses. I think I fell in love that day! We grew closer as the years passed and became inseparable best friends. We have been dating for a year and a half, and I have loved every minute of it and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

Groom: Kami Lynn and I first met around the time we were 11. The first times I remember talking to her were when she would come to my house around that time to visit with my sister. I always thought she was the cutest and liveliest thing. We really began to get close when we started texting shortly thereafter. I would see her around town a lot at different events and things. Throughout all those years, whatever happened, we would always end up talking. Before we knew it, we were truly best friends, and we still are.

Here's how we got engaged

Bride: I was very shocked! I knew we would be getting married in the next year, but I had no clue when he would pop the question. He picked out the ring all by himself and asked my dad for permission to marry me. Sam took me to this amazing Greek restaurant in Homewood, Al. After dinner, he took me to the Vulcan. It was a very cold November night, and we walked around for a while looking at the beautiful site of downtown Birmingham. I was telling him a story about something I had heard on the news the night before when I realized he wasn't beside me anymore. I turned around to see him on his knee with a beautiful, perfect ring in his hand and he said, "Kami Lynn, will you marry me?!" I began to cry and he put the ring on my finger, after hugging him he said, "You didnt answer me" and I screamed "YES!!!!!" It was the perfect engagement. After a few more tears we shared the news with our families.

Why we're excited about our wedding date

We picked April 27th because we wanted an outside spring wedding.

Our best date

Groom: The day we went Christmas shopping last year. It was the first whole day we spent together and I think we were both very curious about how it would go. I picked her up early in the morning and we stayed together until late that night. We just went shopping around Birmingham. And at the end of the day I still didn't want to leave her. That was a very formidable time and I will never forget it.

Where our likes overlap ...

Bride: We love a lot of the same music and movies. He has changed the way I listen to music, he has taught me how to appreciate music for more than just its words or just because someone famous sings it. I enjoy so many different types of music now.

Groom:Books: We both like a lot of wild fiction. Also, some historical things.

Movies: The scarier the better! Also disaster, dystopia.

Music: Excellent singer-songwriters like Ryan Adams, and guitar heroes such as John Mayer and Eric Clapton

... and where they don't.

Bride: I love rap music, he hates it. He calls it booty dancin music. Haha! Also I am madly in love with the Backstreet Boys... Sometimes I think I drive him crazy with it.

Groom: BACKSTREET BOYS. I like Bob Dylan and the Beatles and also unusual music that prompts: "WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO?" I like to read about politics, economics, and business, and that does not interest her. I like Curb Your Enthusiasm and she doesn't. She likes Twilight... and I do too but don't tell them that.